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1.5.2007: Several updates have been made, extra games that I have tried or may try at some time. The latest being Deadlands: Reloaded.

1.5.2003: Updated the structure of the front page.

13.12.99: Havent put much in here since I started this file. I've actually done quite a bit of work but not sure exactly which bits. So lets just say major ongoing changes. One area I have been doing a lot of work however is with Swift Swords. Its almost up to a state where you could play it. Still some large areas to be done, like creatures and treasure, but the core rules are there. Its surprisingly large when you print it all.

11.1.99: Lots of teething problems. In frustration at Frontpage I have now changed to HotDog5 for my editor. Trying to amend all the errors...

19-12-98: Update, including use of new graphic control centres.

1 November 98 - Everything at the moment, seeing we have just set up!


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