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Typical spell layout will be as follows:


Cast Active Effective Target Method Nature
Level Event OneUse Other BodyTch Outer

Spell header:
Casting level if not listed elsewhere.
Active duration, spell held ready for use
Effective duration, how long it works for
Target types: others or self
Method of delivery: Touch, Body Touch, Thrown, Fired etc
Nature: origins

This spell inflicts damage to the target, ignoring any armour protection, but active defences will prevent contact. The spell is released once sufficient contact is made, roll damage dice vs PENE. Armour RESIST does NOT protect vs this damage unless it is magically enhanced to do so, in which case use Resist values as listed. Damage reduction modifiers for Size are applied, but the damage can never be less than 1 point.

The nature of this spell is such that higher level versions are less likely to make sufficient contact. The casters hands will glow with a visible effect of their choice indicating there status. One hand must be free, grabbing any object dissipates the magic. The damage type is magical.

Spell description: general description of the spell along with effects and variations.
Material Component: Material needs, if any.
  1. 1d damage.
  2. 4d damage.
  3. 9d damage, -1 to hit rolls (harder to hit).
  4. 16d damage, -2 to hit rolls (harder to hit).
Spell levels and effects
All lose 1 FAT immediately
Caster -1 FAT
& Stun
& -1 FAT
& highest dice
& -1 FAT
Special Success and Failure table, some suggestions.
Items marked &something indicate an accumulative effect to what went previously.

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