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Creatures & Monsters

The following is an incomplete listing of possible "things" that could populate your world. Creatures can be things that your players interact with, or observe or even ignore. They add a lot of atmosphere to your game and are simpler to use than sentient beings (who are supposed to be able to think). This is NOT a listing of intelligent races, with some exceptions. Creatures that form societies and develop technology are a different kettle of fish. The things listed here are animals and monsters.

The definition of a monster, is a creature that has been enhanced by the presence of a power stone within them. Players are technically monsters, as too are other adventurers, but most of them belong to races. Such monsters will have magical abilities and powers that may defy natural laws.

A creature listing is generally a listing of things that players will encounter, primarily for combat reasons, but also for numerous other possibilities.

Most of the creatures will have values that have been calculated from the formulas used within the rules. Where a divergence is warranted then they will be shown by the use of a "+" and "-" sign and an appropriate value. For example a creature with bonus wound points could be shown as 36+20, meaning under the rules it would normally have 36 wound points, but due to some reason it actually has 56 wound points. These bonus wound points DO NOT COUNT toward the creatures negative totals. In the above creature its range of wound points would be from 56 to -36. After negative 36 it is dead.

For combat I have taken a very simple calculation of using 5+*(2xSTR or 2xDEX) to work out ToHit scores. Remember tho the limit of no CHAR being twice the other. Eg: a creature with 50 STR and 14 DEX would be limited by 2xDEX=28, so their ToHit score would be 5+*(2x28)=12. Intelligent creatures should have an actual skill level, dependent on how good you want them to be.

Stones: power stones can be found in some creatures. Most stones will initially disperse themselves over the creature and create bigger better creatures. Some stones will be more specific in their powers. General stones cannot be retrieved. Specific stones can be, and will have listed charges. If a power is linked to a stone (usually are) then the power of the stone will determine how often that power can be used. If the power is used then the stone is depleted (will have less charges). Stones attached to a spirit can re-charge at the rate of one per day. If the spirit is slain then the stone cannot re-charge. Creatures may have several stones and each with a different power.

Magic: where a creature has a magical stone ability they will have a skill equal to their WILL?SPIR. Spellcasting uses MIN?DEX, so often such creatures will use 7+*[DEX+SPIR]-Level to cast with.

Materials: I will try to include ideas for materials that can be gathered from a creature that might be used in magical items.

Please be sure to consider the morale levels of creatures and the morale rules, they can have a big impact on players overcoming larger opponents. Again I stress not to allow a random roll of dice to dictate illogical random events, unless it seems like a fun thing to do.

Creature Class Templates.

The following are sections describing various types of creatures and their generic abilities. The templates provide a consistant set of characteristics for the various creature types, so that players will have some standard expectations about what they are facing. Which means you can throw in the oddball one every now and then to keep them on their toes.

Undead - Material and Immaterial.

As discussed in the religion chapter, undead are corrupt spirits. They have removed themselves from the normal progression of spirit development due to events or will. They no longer function in the normal manner of a spirit and lose their connection to the mana plane that would normally support them. Because of this they must find sustenance from another source - the living. Undead drain energy from the living, feeding off them.

The following notes are a list of characteristics that must undead creatures will share in common, although there are always exceptions. Undead come in two forms. The material form, such as a ghoul or wight, which has a physical body inside which the corrupt spirit still retains a connection. Destruction (fire) of the material body destroys the corrupt spirit within.

The other class of undead are immaterial, they have forsaken their physical bodies and roam as a pure spiritual creature, and are thus immune to normal material effects. Only magic can harm an immaterial undead. An immaterial undead can manifest in a physical form however, and this will often be a very powerful being. AT such times any material weapon can harm them, although they will tend to be highly resistant to such damage. An immaterial undead is hard to kill, you must find its old material body and burn it, or it will reform over time. Slaying the immaterial form has no lasting effect. Powerful undead will obviously hide their corpses.

Undead drain FAT from the living, and once FAT is all gone they drain wounds, until the victim is dead. The FAT they drain becomes theirs, and can be used in any fashion they chose. They are not limited by how much FAT they may have, although an undead with no FAT goes into torpor.

THe following is a list of characteristics of material undead.

The following is a list of extra notes for immaterial undead.

Animated Dead

Animated dead are skeletons or zombies, they are NOT undead. Most necromancers however make extensive use of animated dead, so the following are notes for creating skeleton and zombies.




Dragons are considered to be the pinnacle of evolutionary development, both physically and mentally. The truth is however that only a small portion of dragonkind acheives this pinnacle. The rest are either impure specimens of an ancient race, or simply die before attaining the powers they require to survive.

Although extremely powerful creatures, dragons are hunted... by just about everyone. Their small numbers at the high end of the breed, and their solitary natures, make them prime targets for their more numerous enemies. Never the less some do make it to mature form and these examples are truly awesome in power.

Dragons come in many forms, from the small Faery Dragons to the huge and powerful Arcane Dragons. Most of them share some common characteristics, but numerous variations and forms exist. The following list are some of the most common features of dragonkind.

The following table is a general guide line to the progression of an Arcane dragon with age.

Age Resist PENE STR BOD SIZ DEX Mental WP FAT SST ToHit Talon
Young 0 6 8 16 16 25 9 4 24 12 11 9
Youth 2 6 36 16 36 36 16 34 48 13 13 15
Sub Adult 4 6 64 25 64 49 25 57 75 14 15 19
Adult 6 6 100 25 100 49 36 75 97 15 17 23
Mature 8 5 144 16 121 36 49 76 114 16 15 26
Old 10 4 100 16 144 25 64 88 144 17 14 25
Ancient 12 3 81 16 169 25 72 100 160 18 14 25
Venerable 12 2 64 9 169 16 81 93 171 19 13 24

SST = Stun roll targets. ToHit assumes a skill equal to their DEX score. Talon is damage done by their talons natural weapon, it does NOT consider skill bonuses, so would be even higher.


The source of an elemental will determine its characteristics, whether it be summoned or naturally occurring. Elementals are tied directly to the body from which they are drawn, so the bigger and better the body, the stronger the elemental.

The following discussion deals primarily with summoned elementals, but the values can be used for naturally occurring ones (which may be tougher). All elementals begin with 4 in all characteristics. STR, BOD, SIZ, DEX are Physical characteristics. MIN, SPI, and WILL are all Mental characteristics. The APP of elementals is always 4.

SIZE Source eg Fire Source eg Air Physical/Mental LEVEL
Very small Campfire Enclosed Room 0/0 0
Small Oven Cave +3/0 1
Moderate Bonfire Large Cave +5/+1 2 s
Normal Large Bonfire Standing in Open Air +12/+3 3 s
Large House Fire Floating in Open Air +21/+5 4 s
Huge Forest Fire Flying in clouds +32/+7 5 s
Special roll ^1 ^1 +45/+9 6 s

If the caster makes a special success in their roll they may elect to use the normal benefit of reduced FAT, or they can increase the level of the elemental summoned by one.

Elementals of level 2+ will gain a special attack form as listed in the following table.

Type Char RESIST PENE Special Mass Attack
Earth ^1 STR x1.5 +2 Crush x1.5 Fists
Air ^1 DEX x0.5 +4 Draw Breath x1/4 Fists
Fire ^1 SIZ x0.5 +4 Heat x1/2 Fists
Water ^1 BOD x1 +3 Envelop x1 Fists
Wood ^1 SPI x1.5 +2 Splinters x1.25 Spear
Metal ^1 WIL x2 +1 Impale x2 Great Sword
Light/Dark None x0.5 +5 Blind x0.1 Fists

The ^1 characteristic indicates you should increase that score to the next level of elemental. Thus a Earth elemental of size Moderate would normally have a STR of 9, but theirs would be boosted one to the next level of 16. If the characteristic is a Mental one (Mind, Will, Spir) then it uses the Physical score instead. A wood elemental of size medium would have a SPI of 9, not 5.

The RESIST modifier is based around the elementals level, so an earth elemental of normal size would have 3x1.5=4 RESIST.

The PENE modifier is based around a base PENE of 2, so all earth elementals would have a PENE of 4.

ON a special success ToHit the elemental will inflict the following attack bonus.


Each elemental is vulnerable to its opposing form, earth to air, fire to water, wood to metal, light to dark. When the attack form is of a type that the target is vulnerable to they get no natural RESIST values and their natural PENE value is 2. Magical enhancements can be used to modify these base values (as long is it isnt vulnerable also).

Demons and Devils.

Demons and Devils are both evil-chaos aligned creatures. Demons are the physical incarnation of chaos, whilst Devils are the mental incarnation. Accordingly Demons are physically powerful and more prone to melee, whilst Devils are magically adept and highly intelligent.


The following list of words best describes Demons: bestial, strong, physical, horrid, magic resistant, fire aspected, impulsive, carnal, greedy, aggressive and not very bright.

Demons are melee machines, extremely strong, well protected, resistant to magic and dangerous. Their weakness is that they are often not terribly bright and know little magic. They are aligned to the Fire Element and totally unaffected by any type of fire damage short of immersion in lava (and some them may like that), but at the same time they are NOT vulnerable to Water (although they dont like it).

Level Physical Mental Magic Resist Armour Resist PENE Mutations
One 16 4 2 3 3 1-2
Two 25 4 3 4 4 2-3
Three 36 4 3 4 5 2-3
Four 49 9 4 5 6 2-3
Five 64 9 4 5 7 3-4
Six 81 9 5 6 8 3-4
Seven 100 16 5 6 9 3-4

Mutations are radical changes to the physical form, which may well start out as rather bizarre anyway, especially in demons who revel in their chaos natures. Mutations are basically extra powers that can be assigned to the being. Some may appear as physical adaptions, such as 4 arms. Others may be magical adaptions, like being hard to see.


The following is a list of words that best describes Devils: intelligent, cunning, magical, attractive, skilled casters, carnal, greedy, powerful.

Devils are the magic users of chaos, they are exceptionally gifted casters, with no particular bond to a single elemental form, although they may. They have the Magic Affinity Gift without the vulnerability (they get +1 to all base values for casting).

Level Physical Mental Magic Resist Armour Resist PENE Mutations
One 16 16 2 1 2 0
Two 16 25 2 3 3 1
Three 25 36 1 3 4 1-2
Four 25 49 0 4 5 1-2
Five 25 64 0 4 5 1-2
Six 36 81 0 4 6 1-3
Seven 36 100 0 5 6 1-3

Mutations are changes to the physical form, which with Devils is humanoid. Mutations are basically extra powers that can be assigned to the being. Some may appear as physical adaptions, such as 4 arms. Others may be magical adaptions, like being hard to see.

Special Abilities

Magic Affinity: races with this power are notable users of magic. All Spell Casting targets and rolls to be successful at enacting magic powers are 1 better. This does not apply to spell effect rolls or other aspects of magic, only to the ability to get the magic to start.

This ability also has a drawback. All rolls that this race may be allowed to resist the effects of magic will be one harder.

Magic Resistence: races with this power are resistant to all affects of magic. Whenever any kind of magic is enacted apon them they must roll 1d6, if the roll equals or is less than their resistence level then the magic fails. Even magic they want to effect them will fail. Bound individuals do not get this effect to magic from those bound to them, but it makes them harder to bind.

Night Vision: races with this ability can see better in the absence of light. The level of night vision they have is used to reduce any penalties that are applied due to lack of light.

-1 to Death Targets: these races are unstable in their attachment to the mortal world. Their will to live is not as strong as others. All Death rolls are modified to the worse.

+1 to Death Targets: these races have a very strong will to live. All Death rolls are modified to the better.

+1 to Trauma & Stun targets: these races are notably hardy and resistant to the effects of shock. All Trauma and Stun targets are modified one to the better.

-1 to Trauma & Stun targets: these races are notably frail and vulnerable to the effects of shock. All Trauma and Stun targets are modified one to the worse.

Heavy: these races are solid and sturdy, their bodies are wider and more strongly built than others. Count their SIZE value as 50% greater than it actually is for Mass and WPs, or where SIZE is used as mass (such as vs wind etc).

Carry Ability: these races have very sturdy bones or muscle structures that allow them to carry exceptional loads in comparison to their expections. The modifier is applied to their load values.

Natural Berserker: this race is genetically berserk. Please see the Berserker rules for details.

Missile Modifier: this race is exceptionally talented with all forms of missiles. The modifier is applied to all taregts To Hit with fired or thrown weapons to the better, except gunpowder weapons.

Magical Alignment: some races have a limited affinity to specific kinds of magic, most commonly elemental magic. This modifier is applied to all rolls to enact a magical casting in the areas indicated. The drawback is that they are weaker in all other areas, applying the modifier in reverse to all other castings in the opposing area.

Claws, Fangs etc: these races come with Natural Weapons of the type indicated. They will have an inate skill level equal to their DEX with these weapons. When buying skill they use their current DEX level as their starting level. Once they buy a skill point however they lose all connection with their DEX score from then on.

Peripheral Vision: these races have widely set eyes that allow them to extend their vision such that they do not have a Rear Zone, it counts as a Flank Zone instead. As a consequence they are harder to surprise or sneak up on. Modify such targets to be one harder at all times for those trying, and modify the Lizardmans targets to detect such things one to the better.

Skin Armour: If a race has skin armour then this is written as Type/Pene/Resist. If armour is worn over Skin then the combined Resist values, less 1, is used; the highest Pene and the highest type. Use the worst values in any other area.

Fly: this race is able to fly. They normally have wings to allow them to do so. The speed at which they can fly will be indicated.

Shape Change: the creature will have an ability to change its appearance in several ways, with varying amounts. Charactertistics that can be affected vary and will be noted.

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